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To define your target audience on Instagram, you need to provide the following information:

Influencers who resonate with your target audience, relevant hashtags, geographic data of your target audience, text for direct messages, comment messages, and messages for question stickers.

Influencers play a crucial role in reaching your target audience on Instagram. By identifying influencers who resonate with your target audience, we can analyze their followers and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

To find the right hashtags for your target audience, you should pay attention to relevant keywords and terms commonly used in your industry and by your target audience. You can also analyze the hashtags used by influencers and competitors to determine which ones work best.

Geographic data helps us better understand your target audience and tailor your marketing strategy to specific regions or countries. This can increase your reach and engagement within the relevant audience.

Create personalized, engaging, and relevant text that resonates with your target audience and encourages action. Use a friendly and approachable tone, and make sure your messages are concise. Ensure appropriate representation of your brand and offerings.

Linking your Instagram account to a Facebook page provides added security and ensures that your automated activities are accepted by Instagram. This helps facilitate a smooth automation process and optimal utilization of our services.

Why do I need to disable my Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

If you need support or have questions about social media automation, we are here to assist you. You can reach out to us through our contact page, via email, or by phone.

In the first 2-4 weeks, there may be variations in your target audience as our Artificial Intelligence (AI) gradually learns the algorithm to achieve the best long-term results. During this learning phase, the AI continuously adapts and optimizes your marketing strategy accordingly. In the initial 3 days, it particularly studies the Explore and Reels pages of Instagram, which may initially result in increased international traffic. After this initial phase, automation will focus more on your defined target audience.

Although the AI takes some time to fully understand and optimize the algorithm, you typically start noticing initial results within the first 72 hours after starting automation. However, it may take several weeks for the AI to fully optimize your target audience and strategy.

Having a precise understanding of your target audience is crucial to achieve the best results with our social media automation. By defining your target audience accurately, we can tailor your marketing strategy more effectively and ensure that your content and messages reach the right individuals. This leads to increased reach, more engagement, and ultimately, better business outcomes.

We place great importance on protecting your personal data and ensuring the secure handling of your login information. Your password is only required for the initial login to your Instagram account in order to properly set up our automation services. We guarantee that your password will not be used for any other purposes, and all necessary security measures are taken to protect your data. After a successful login, your password is neither used nor stored further. If our service is no longer being used by you, we recommend changing your password to ensure that we lose any access to your account.

You can visit our website to learn more about our agency, our team, and the various services we offer. If you have any questions or would like a personal consultation, you can also reach out to us through our contact page, via email, or by phone.

Yes, in addition to our specialization in social media automation, we also offer a wide range of other marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, email marketing, and web design. Contact us for more information and a personalized quote.

Our automation solutions currently support the social media platform Instagram. The most popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok will be implemented over time. We are constantly working to expand our compatibility with new and emerging platforms.

Our marketing agency specializes in automation solutions that assist businesses in making their online presence more efficient and effective. We provide innovative tools and strategies for social media automation to optimize your content, reach, and engagement.

For Affiliates

Our Partner Program allows you to benefit from our automated social media tools and services by referring them to your clients. As a partner, you earn commissions for each successfully referred customer and gain access to exclusive resources to grow your business further.

Participation in our partner program is free. We offer a lucrative, long-term program with a predictable and recurring income. For details on commission structures, please contact our partner or customer support.

In the dashboard, please click on ‘Wallet,’ then ‘Withdrawal,’ and then ‘Payment Settings.’ There, please enter your USD wallet address and click on ‘Save.

To sign up for our partner program, simply visit our website and fill out the registration form. Once your application is reviewed and approved, you’ll gain access to your personal partner dashboard, where you can find your referral links and track your success.

Yes, in addition to our specialization in social media automation, we also offer a wide range of other marketing services such as search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, email marketing, and web design. Please contact us for more information and a personalized quote.

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