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We understand that content creation is a crucial skill in today's digital world. That's why we offer specialized courses and resources on content creation and management.

Here, you'll learn how to create engaging and effective content, whether it's for websites, social media, blogs, or other platforms. Our hands-on exercises will help you perfect your content creation skills and ensure that your message is effectively communicated.

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Explaining Canva Basics:

  1. Selecting a format and using a template
  2. Changing color, font, and images
  3. Formatting text
  4. Adding icons and photos
  5. Creating diagrams
  6. Removing backgrounds
  7. Applying two-tone color
  8. Copying elements or designs and pasting them into another template
  9. Saving your design
  10. Unlocking a design for editing



In this episode, we cover the pros and cons of each option, explain key features, and provide valuable recommendations for your social media strategy.

At the end, we’re also happy to answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to participate in our Q&A session.

Stay tuned for valuable insights and tips to optimize your social media presence.


  • Discover how to plan your posts in advance to ensure a consistent presence on your social media platforms.
  • Facebook Business Manager: We delve deep into how you can leverage this powerful manager to strategically plan and publish your posts.
  • Instagram Direct: Learn how to efficiently utilize your Instagram account to create automated posts and increase your reach.



Short Q&A

  • Story Strategies
  • Ideas for Topics
  • Filming Tips
  • Inspiration and Focusing on Individuals and Their Topics

Reel Strategies

  • Ideas for Topics
  • Filming Tips
  • Tips for Overcoming Camera Shyness/Stage Fright
  • Inspiration and Focusing on Individuals and Their Topics



Content with a Sales Focus

  • Utilizing Positive and Negative Reinforcements
  • Creating Emotionally Engaging Content
  • Addressing Common Questions
  • Handling Objections in Posts

Influencer Marketing

  • When is Influencer Marketing Appropriate? (Testimonial)
  • Understanding the Differences Between Micro and Macro Influencers
  • Where to Find Influencers
  • Typical Agreements



  • ChatGPT Basics
  • Setting Prompts Right
  • Getting Correct Results
  • Common Mistakes and Easy Tricks!



Instagram Algorithm:

  • Understanding Basics/Rules
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Shadowbans
  • Account Deleted, What to Do?


We share our expertise on:

  1. Headliner (to turn audio tracks into posts): Headliner on Google Play

  2. SquareFit for Android: SquareFit on Google Play

  3. NoCrop for Apple (to add suitable backgrounds to images that cannot be cropped into proper frames): NoCrop on the App Store

  4. Preview (for autoposting and scheduling posts): Preview on Google Play

  5. Metricool (a more professional and comprehensive alternative to Preview): Metricool on Google Play

  6. CapCut (for video cutting and subtitles): CapCut on Google Play


We would like to share our expertise in the following tools:

  1. Pinterest
  2. Forms
  3. Repost
  4. Google Authenticator
  5. Wonderlink
  6. Pixlr
  7. ProvenExpert


Our expertise on Branding:

  • Common mistakes in brand building (related to typography, color, logo, and more).


Our expertise on:

  1. This time, the focus is on the topic of Content Gold.
  2. What are the key types of content for your community?
  3. Which contents are convincing for potential customers?
  4. In what format is it best to present them?


Capcut: Capcut on Google Play

Captions: Captions on Google Play

Zeemo: Zeemo on Google Play

Review Interview Example: Watch here

Review Edited Example: Watch here

Sebiforce: Sebiforce on YouTube

Torben Platzer: Torben Platzer on YouTube


We share our expertise on:

1. Introduction (5 min)

Overview of the agenda and objectives of the session.

2. Q&A on Sales Updates and Welcome Messages (20 min)
Addressing questions and discussions related to sales announcements and effective welcome messages.

3. Content Inspiration (25 min)
Utilizing Hashtags: Discover the power of hashtags for content discovery.

Account Role Models: Learn from successful accounts as a source of inspiration.

YouTube Avatars: Explore content ideas inspired by successful YouTube profiles.

4. Quick and Popular Content Insights (10 min)
Identifying Swift Content Ideas: Strategies for creating content efficiently.
Analyzing Popular Content: Understanding the audience’s preferences and trends.

5. Closing Remarks (5 min)
Recap of key takeaways and upcoming sessions.


We share our expertise on:

1. Content creation with AI

2. App recommendations, various applications

3. Sales, drafting messages, revising with AI, sending, finding addresses


We share our expertise on:

1. 10 minutes Q&A on Sales,

2. Welcome messages and AI.

Then, Reels topic: Designing cover slides step by step, Music selection, Posting times.


Our expertise on:

1. Story strategies for more engagement

2. Interactive elements: polls, ask questions, quizzes Behind the scenes:

3. Insights into the company, employee portraits Story highlights: Thematic collections for long-term presence

4. Generate more traffic

5. Effective advertising with stories

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