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πŸš€ First Steps to Success

πŸš€ AI-Growth Affiliate Sales: Your Path to Success!

Welcome to the AI-Growth Affiliate Team – where your journey to success begins! Your key to triumphant results lies in consistently using our high-quality content on your social media platforms.

Our Channels:

πŸ“Œ Follow and support our AI-Growth channels:

Instagram: πŸ‘‰ AI-Growth

LinkedIn: πŸ‘‰ AI-Growth

TikTok: πŸ‘‰ AI-Growth

X-Twitter: πŸ‘‰ AI-Growth

Facebook: πŸ‘‰ Β AI-Growth

YouTube: πŸ‘‰ AI-Growth

Important tools and resources can be found here:

πŸš€ Trello board for information, content, and captions


πŸš€ Discord server for training, SAAS, and Q&A


πŸ“† Visit Trello and Discord regularly to get the latest campaigns and updates


Daily Posting Routine:

Use the content from Trello for your daily posts. Customize the call to action: Add your email, landing page, or DM link. Understand your customers’ needs and explain our products in detail. For questions, refer to a free initial consultation: πŸ‘‰ [Book consultation](Link to consultation booking). Give your customers your referral link πŸ‘‰ [] for product bookings.

Onboarding Process:

Describe the onboarding process on your profiles and link to the dashboard under “AI-Channels”. Explain how customers can fill out the AI-Channels for the product.

Expand Your Network:

Repeat these steps regularly to grow your network and maximize success. Educate your partners with content from the website and regular meetings you have with us. Stay consistent and continuous. Create a position of trust for your partners.

πŸ”— Use your referral link to expand your network and share information about ongoing campaigns.

Benefits for Sales

πŸš€ AI-Growth Affiliate Benefit Plan:

πŸš€ Level 1 – Active Participation:

πŸ“Έ Regular posts on your Instagram account to demonstrate your participation. πŸ“ Utilization of our pre-made content materials.

πŸš€ Level 2 – Consistent Engagement:

πŸ“† Execution of daily tasks as per the proposed plan. πŸ“ž Regular communication with your account manager (Refpartner). πŸ“¬ Notification to the AI-Growth Instagram account about the steps taken.

πŸ”— Reward:

πŸ†“ Free AI usage for your account. πŸ€– Integration of the Autobot for maximum automation. πŸŽ“ Access to exclusive AI-Growth webinars and training sessions. πŸ’Έ Increase in your revenues and payouts. πŸ’Ό Monthly payouts via USDC-BEP20 in your wallet.

πŸš€ Level 3 – Long-term Partnership:

πŸ”„ Confirmation of regular activity over a period of three months. πŸ’° Receive discount coupons for your campaigns up to €150. πŸ“Š Participation in AI-Growth meetings for strategy discussions.

πŸ”— Reward:

πŸ†“ Free, maximum AI usage for your account. πŸ’° Increasing commissions with increasing activity. πŸŽ‰ Participation in bonus payouts.

πŸš€ Level 4 – VIP Status:

🀝 Active participation in meetings and events. πŸ“’ Providing feedback and ideas for campaign improvement.

πŸ”— Reward:

πŸš€ Early access and beta products for innovative strategies. πŸ‘‘ VIP status with privileged support. 🎁 Participation in bonus payouts.

πŸš€ Level 5 – Exclusive Role in the Company:

🌱 Sustainable and committed partnership over an extended period.

πŸ”— Reward:

πŸ† An outstanding role in the AI-Growth company. πŸš€ Growth and involvement in future projects. 🎊 Participation in bonus payouts.

🌱✨ Please note: Your Instagram account should be at least three months old for the AI to effectively start. We value your partnership and look forward to growing together!

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