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your gateway to the exciting world of artificial intelligence and digital innovation. We are delighted to welcome you on this thrilling journey through the possibilities of future technology. Here at the AI Academy, we not only explore the basics but also dive deep into practical applications.

Our top-notch courses also offer a unique experience with our ChatGPT chatbot and the interactive Canvas tool. Learn how to harness artificial intelligence in your business environment, carry out innovative projects, and unleash the full power of AI.

Our dedicated instructors and tutors will accompany you every step of the way, ready to answer your questions and support you on your path to becoming an AI expert. Let's shape the future together and explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

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Here’s a glimpse of what we’ll cover:

  1. Quick Overview: What is ChatGPT?
  2. Versions of ChatGPT
  3. Benefits of the Free Version and Advantages of the Paid Version
  4. Maximizing ChatGPT’s Potential
  5. Customizing with Custom Instructions
  6. Applications of ChatGPT
  7. Diverse Use Cases and Scenarios
  8. Defining and Understanding Prompts
  9. Practical Application: Prompt Examples and Exercises
  10. Specific Use Cases
  11. Audience Analysis and Idea Generation with ChatGPT
  12. Implementing ChatGPT Ideas in Canva
  13. Story Design and Amplification with Canva



This time, we dive into the world of prompting together:

  1. How to precisely instruct AI to write texts that don’t appear to be written solely by AI.
  2. How to quickly create effective sales copy with the right prompts.

Get ready for insightful tips, and feel free to bring your questions.

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